Free Online Lab Environments for Learning DevOps Tools

Docker ClassRoom

This is an online virtual lab environment along with instructions how to perform those labs , they cover from basic to advance , docker basics , docker swarm , example application containerisation such as nodejs and java , application packaging in docker and then deployment , highly recommended for getting started and making sense of docker workflow. This environment also includes docker bash completion , so that you don’t have to type long commands. The instructions also includes some docker concepts , along with how to run those labs.


Again , this is an online playground lab environment from Docker , but this just enables you to spin up one or more docker hosts , just in case you already have a book or lab guide to practice on. Also includes bash completion for docker.

Katacoda Docker Course

This is a complete free online course along with built in lab environment , that takes you from start to finish , beginner to advance docker practice. Although the instructions are just enough to go through those labs , but it doesn’t include detailed theory Docker.

Docker Enterprise Hosted Trial

You can subscribe to spin up a Docker enterprise edition cluster , in cloud , to play with what docker EE offers , it includes docker swarm , kubernetes , and docker trusted registry. Useful for those who are planning to consider using Docker EE as enterprise production swarm/kubernetes solution.

Play with Kubernetes

Similar to play with docker , this playground environment enables you to practice your kubernetes labs , on free virtual lab environment. You can add one or more instances to your playground.

Kubernetes ClassRoom

A free online lab environment , just like Docker ClassRoom , that contains instructions on who to do stuff in kubernetes , plus the ability to practice it at the same time. Very useful for getting started with Kubernetes.

Katacoda Kubernetes Course

A beginner to advance , interactive kubernetes course along with lab environment , also includes how-to’s related to Kubernetes operations.

Hello Minikube

An online Minikube environmenet to run example workloads and see them in browser.

CI/CD with Jenkins and Docker

A scenario based , interactive course along with lab environment from Katacoda.

Other useful courses with online labs from Katacoda

  • Terraform
  • Docker Security
  • Running Java in Docker
  • Git Version Control
  • Running .Net in Docker
  • Service Meshes
  • Prometheus
  • Nomad
  • OpenTracing
  • Consul

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